Favorite things from the worst year
We're putting together the definitive list of the people who fill this out's collective opinion on the best things from 2020.

Albums will weighted by points as follows:
#1 - 25 points
#2 - 20 points
#3 - 15 points
#4 - 10 points
#5 - 5 points
Honorable Mention - 1 point

We'll make a spotify playlist of everyone's favorite songs of the year. For everything else we'll put together an overall list with everyones submissions and post it at the end of December (plus we'll be talking about everything on the Nice Price Podcast year-end ep).

Include as many or as few answers as you'd like.
#1 - Album of the Year
#2 Album
#3 Album
#4 Album
#5 Album
Honorable mention albums
Most listened to album of 2020 not released in 2020
Songs you love from 2020 (we'll make a playlist with the top songs)
Favorite Music From North Carolina
Favorite Book of 2020
Favorite Podcast of 2020 (must pick at least one) *
Favorite Movie of 2020
Favorite TV Show of 2020
Favorite Discovery of 2020 (can be literally anything)
Whats your name/who are you?
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