Camp Gender Blender 2019 - Camper Questionnaire
Welcome! And thanks for your interest in joining Camp Gender Blender's contribution to BurningMan 2019!

This questionnaire provides camp leaders with necessary information to figure out if Camp Gender Blender is a good fit as your camp; as well as provide you some general understandings to help decide if we're the camp for you.

Though there are many questions, and some are not required, please thoroughly answer as many questions as possible.

Also, fill this out only for yourself. If there are others you plan to camp with, there will be a question addressing that, but each individual needs to fill out this form and only fill it for themselves.

Camp Cost Sharing for 2019 is $350.00 USD, which includes a refundable Camp Commitment Bond of $100.00 USD to be returned post-event. More info on Camp Cost Sharing and Financial scholarships available on our website.

Thank you,
Gender Blender Leadership Team
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