Help Us Know What You Want!

To keep our kiddos active, connected, and uplifted, SPREE staff will soon share crafts, activities, experiments, lessons, and more with you online during this tricky time. We are looking to launch "Learning SPREE" beginning next week with an ongoing series of posts aimed at elementary-aged youth and their families.

We want to know what you want to see! Are you interested in a video of a SPREE teacher showing a step-by-step tutorial on a science experiment? Or do you want a lesson about beavers you can show your kiddos? Or maybe you want to see ways your kiddo can interact with nature in your backyard? Answering only 4 questions, you will help our staff create the content that you want. Your input is vital in helping us shape "Learning SPREE". Let us hear from you - and let's keep learning!

And please share this with anyone else who might be interested! -

Head to our Kid's Page to see what fun things we already have available:
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