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This database is currently maintained by Austin Yarger (UMich / IGDA2 / Arbor Interactive) and Michael Klamerus (Locally Sourced MI). Please fill out this form to request an update to the database. Should you have additional questions, please reach out to Austin at ayarger@umich.edu.

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Some notes on various assets-- (1) Background images : there are two, and they must be 16:9 aspect ratio to avoid stretching. (2) Studio Name : This will be shortened if it causes overflow, so go with a short version of your studio's name. (3) Company Logo : This is resized to 40% of background image width, or aprox 180 pixels. Horizontal logos tend to fit better. (4) Description : A 4-5-word description on the company and its "flavor". Please forgive the ones AY provided to you as a default. (5) Location : We just care about city. (6) Size : Only include employees and founders, not temp freelancers or contractors.
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