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This database is currently maintained by Austin Yarger (UMich / IGDA Ann Arbor / Arbor Interactive) and Michael Klamerus (UMich / Locally Sourced MI). Please fill out this form to request an update to the database. Should you have additional questions, please reach out to Austin at ayarger@umich.edu.

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Some notes on various assets-- (1) Background images : there are two, and they must be 16:9 aspect ratio to avoid stretching. (2) Studio Name : This will be shortened if it causes overflow, so go with a short version of your studio's name. (3) Company Logo : This is resized to 40% of background image width, or aprox 180 pixels. Horizontal logos tend to fit better. (4) Description : A 4-5-word description on the company and its "flavor". Please forgive the ones AY provided to you as a default. (5) Location : We just care about city. (6) Size : Only include employees and founders, not temp freelancers or contractors.
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