JBF Lee's Summit and JBF Northland VIP Tagging Info
Our VIP Tagging Program is simple. As a VIP Consignor we ask you to sort your items as directed below then contact me when you are ready to drop-off. I will put you in touch with one of the members of the VIP Tagging Team. You will then coordinate a drop-off with her and she will prep and tag your items for the sale, bring them to drop-off and put them out on the sales floor.
Here are the basics for drop-off:
1. Please have your items clean, neatly folded and organized by size and gender in disposable containers - trash bags or cardboard boxes. Label those bags and boxes with your consignor number. Also use masking tape to label any large items - highchairs, bouncy seats, etc… with your consignor number as well.
2. If you have outfits - please fold all of the pieces together.
3. Toys and larger items must be clean - Clorox wipes and Magic Erasers both work great for cleaning up those items. We will not clean or tag dirty items.
4. If you have specific prices in mind for certain items please label those items with that price. We will price everything according to the pricing guidelines posted on our website and our own experience as seasoned JBF Consignors.

You will earn 40-55% on your sold items, less the consignor fee of $12.50 and a supply fee of 15¢ per item that will be deducted from your check. This small fee helps cover our expenses for hangers, safety pins, card stock, printer ink, and anything else we might need while preparing your items for the sale. VIP Consignors who also volunteer at the sale will earn 50% on their sold items. VIP Consignors who participate as an All-Star can earn 55% on their sold items.

Please note that if you wish to get your unsold items back after the sale that it is your responsibility to pick those items up. Also - we are unable to differentiate between items that you tagged for yourself and items that our taggers tagged for you so if you wish to tag some items yourself and have us tag other items for you it will be necessary for you to set up a second consignor account.

If you are ready to Drop-Off please fill out this form and we will assign you to a tagger ASAP!

If you have any other questions, please let me know!
Jenn Warren, VIP Tagging Coordinator
Email: jenn@jbfsale.com
Call/Text: 816-809-0360
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