PAC-STEP NSTI Application Summer 2021
Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Pacific Summer Transportation Education Program (PAC-STEP) National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI)!

For 2021, PAC-STEP will be a four-week virtual summer camp that offers a small group of high school students an immersive introduction to transportation engineering and planning. The camp will be online with activities hosted by the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) and other cooperating transportation organizations in Hawaii.

In addition to completing this application form, all applicants must provide the following.

1) Personal Essay - Your personal essay should be a minimum of 250 words, double-spaced and prepared as a PDF file. In your essay, please address ONE of the following prompts:

A. Discuss your present academic focus. What interests you the most about science, technology, engineering and/or math?
B. Describe one or two or your significant accomplishments or life experiences, noting your age at the time, and what each meant to your self-development.
C. Discuss an individual who has influenced you. What are the attributes of this person that you most admire? You may draw from fiction, biography, or your own experience.

Please have your Personal Essay completed and ready for submission prior to beginning this application form. You will be asked to send your essay at the end of this application form to this address:

Please name your PDF file with the name "NSTI2021_(Last Name)_(First Name)"

For example, if your name is Bob Builder, your PDF file will be named "NSTI2021_Builder_Bob"

2) Two Letters of Recommendation - You will also need to arrange for two letters of recommendation summitted as part of your application package. Please have their contact information ready. You will be asked to provide their contact information at the end of this application.

3) High School Transcripts - We prefer to receive transcripts directly from your school's registrar's office. These should be sent in PDF format via email directly to
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