FFDC Spring Pop Up 2018 Business Application
Thank you for your interest in participating at the 2018 Femme Fatale DC Pop up Shop. To be considered, please complete the application.

At FFDC we connect entrepreneurs and artists with consumers in our pop up stores, offering a unique shopping experience, as well as curated events, workshops and discussions.

When :Until September 30th

Where : 4620 Wisconsin Avenue NW Washington, D.C. one block from Tenley Town Metro Station.

Who: Woman owned businesses who are eco friendly, practice sustainability (including but not limited to art, fashion, beauty and skincare products, food products, service based businesses, etc) are welcome to apply.

If Accepted you will receive an email with further steps.

There is an upfront and one time application fee of $20 that must be paid via PayPal to info@femmefataledc.com (send to friends and family to avoid the fees), due upon submitting this form. If we do not receive the application fee, your application will not be reviewed.

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You must submit the $20 application fee, along with this form by April 29, 2018, via PayPal to info@femmefataledc.com
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DESCRIPTION: Is your business a womyn owned / womyn run business? What is your business? Explain below. *
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Describe your target market audience including age, gender (if applicable), lifestyle, etc. *
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Describe your current channel of distribution. How do you currently sell your products? Which are your best selling products and why? *
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What goals do you have your for business in 2018? How does the pop up align with those goals? *
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