2018-2019 CMS/CCHS 1 to 1 Student Laptop Expectations and Loan Agreement (CMS Handbook Appendix S)
2018-2019 1 to 1 Student Laptop Expectations and Loan Agreement for CMS/CCHS
CMS and CCHS Handbook Appendices

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The Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District are lending a MacBook laptop computer to enhance student learning. The requirements for the use of this computer in and outside of school are outlined below. These expectations are provided for the purpose of ensuring consistent understanding among parents, students, and teachers about proper use of technology as a learning tool, and to prevent unnecessary distraction from academic work at home and at school.
Student and parent/guardian hereby agrees as follows:
I agree to adhere to the guidelines of responsible, ethical, and acceptable use as stated in the CPS/CCRSD Acceptable Use Policy. Concord Student Acceptable Use Policy (CSAUP) School Committee Policy Manual File IJNDB.
I understand that laptops are school property and are intended to be used for educational purposes only.
Laptops may be checked by school administration at any time.

Laptops are to be used in class as assigned by the teacher; teachers will provide clear directions as to when to have computers open and ready for use, on standby, or closed and in cases.
I agree to bring my laptop fully charged and to bring the charger each day. (No chargers will be available for loan.)
I am responsible for the care of the laptop. If I am careless, lose, or damage the device or any related peripherals (accessories), I will be responsible for reimbursing the District for the cost of the device/accessories or for any necessary repairs. Being careless includes placing the laptop in situations where damage is possible.

I agree to treat the laptop gently and protect it from damage. Some important guidelines:
I will only drink liquids or eat food with my computer stowed in my backpack/carrying case or far away from the laptop. Liquid spills are the most common reason for laptop damage.
I will take care when the laptop is in my backpack to keep it separate from food, liquid, and dirt.
I will not place the laptop in a location where someone else may spill on or damage it, as I am responsible for its safety and repair costs.
I will make sure the laptop isn’t subjected to excessive force, especially while being carried in my backpack with heavy books. Cracked screens are the second most common reason for laptop damage.
I will close the cover before placing my laptop in my backpack (CCHS) or carrying case (CMS).
I will not carry the laptop by the screen; this increases wear on the hinges.
I will protect the laptop from extreme hot or cold conditions for extended periods (car, garage, on heater, in sun, etc.)
I agree to carry the laptop in a padded pocket in my backpack (CCHS) or in the case provided (CMS).
I agree not to apply any stickers or any other adhesive to the laptop, its case, or its charger, nor to take off any stickers applied by CMS/CCHS. Application of stickers may incur fees for additional cleaning needed for removal.
I will not remove the protective skin provided.
I agree to immediately report any damage or malfunction of the laptop to the IT department.

I agree not to lend the laptop computer to anyone, including family members. Exception: Parents or Guardians.
I agree to protect the laptop from computer viruses through safe computing by not downloading software other than what is required for educational purposes and as directed by classroom teachers. I understand that I must hold a legal license for any software that I install and that the software must be for school use.

I agree to maintain the software installed by CMS/CCHS. Some examples include:
Retaining the current operating system and pre-installed software
Heeding general maintenance alerts and advice from school and technology personnel
I will not circumvent any software installed by CMS/CCHS like web filters or management software by installing software, proxies, VPNs or using any other method to circumvent the firewall, network, or device.
I understand that I am responsible for saving or backing up my personal files, bookmarks/favorites, calendar items, etc. to my CMS/CCHS Google Drive account as recommended by the IT department. If I need assistance I will contact the technology staff in my building.
At school, I will carry my laptop with me or store it in a locked locker if not needed for class; laptops should never be left unattended in any location.
I agree to protect the laptop from theft outside of school by not leaving the computer unattended in a vehicle, school bus or any other public area.
I agree to immediately report any loss or theft of the laptop.

I agree not to use this computer in any capacity that a reasonable person would deem inappropriate, including but not limited to:
distribute hate or harassing email or spam advertising.
create, host, or maintain any web site that is not directly associated with my school work.
download or view improper web content.
I agree to return the laptop and all related accessories (power cord, skin, case) at the end of the year, upon leaving the school district, or at the request of Information Technology Services. Late fees may apply if I fail to do so in a timely manner.
As with other school-owned materials, I understand that I will be responsible for the replacement or repair costs of the computer, power cord, skin, case and strap. Repairs can only be made by an Apple Certified Technician with Apple Certified parts approved by the CMS/ CCHS IT Team.
CCHS only: Outstanding fees prohibit a student’s ability to sign out of directed studies, obtain off-campus privileges, attend Prom, or participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

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