"Back and Forth" Call for Entries
We are now accepting submissions for the 2017-2018 show "Back and Forth", curated by Art Honors

BACK and FORTH is an exhibition that explores the need for humans to remain connected to the past. Items and works in any media are encouraged, including 2D, 3D, sound, and video works. There are no size restrictions, and submitters do not need to be affiliates of the University of Maryland, College Park; however, shipping costs will not be covered.

Accepted submissions will be notified by December 15, 2017. All submitters must be available to drop-off works at the Parren Mitchell Art-Sociology Building on either January 31 or February 2, 2018. Works arriving by mail will be coordinated upon acceptance.

(The Department of Art at the University of Maryland is not responsible for damage to items or works during the exhibition period. Weapons and offensive materials, or any submissions resembling weapons or offensive materials, will not be considered for exhibition.)

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