Registration and Enrollment Agreement  GYROTONIC® Foundation Course              Dec 4 - 18, 2024
Conducted by: GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® Master Trainer, Paula Rivera
Days & Dates: Wed December 4 - Wed December 18, 2024 | Days Off on Mon Dec 9 & Sat Dec 14 
Course Schedule / Meeting Times: 
Dec 4:  Orientation 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Dec 5 - 15: 10 am  - 1 pm, 3 - 5 pm (Daily break from 1 - 3 pm), except days off on Dec 9 and Dec 14.
Duration:  60 course hours conducted over 12 days (not including orientation and days off)
Total Course Cost: $2550.  Includes $450 Studio Fee and $2100 Course Fee.
Available Discounts:  Discounts cannot be combined.
  • $50 off Studio Fee if you completed or are registered for a Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course at Seattle Changing Room in 2024.
  • $50 off Studio Fee with early registration by July 31, 2024.

Hosted by:
Seattle Changing Room
2110 Westlake Ave N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 283-0201

To register for this course:
  1. Fill in all required responses on this registration form / enrollment agreement.
  2. Complete payment as instructed below.
  3. Last day for early registration discount:  Jul 31, 2024
  4. Last day to register:  Nov 15, 2024
You will receive confirmation of your enrollment upon completion of your registration.  

Seattle Changing Room is a private vocational school licensed under Chapter 28C.10 RCW.  Please see our online course catalog for information about the school and its policies.

Inquiries or complaints regarding this private vocational school may be made to:
Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board
128 - 10th Avenue Southwest
Olympia, Washington 98504
(360) 709-4600
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Studio and Course Fees are shown in the table below and are payable to Seattle Changing Room.

An early registration discount is available through July 31, 2024.

Individuals who have completed or are currently registered for Gyrotonic Level 1 Pre-Training Course at Seattle Changing Room are also eligible for discounted registration.

1. Please submit your Studio Fee immediately after submitting this registration form.
2.  The Course Fee is due and payable the first day of the course.
3.  Payment in full is also accepted at time of registration.

After reviewing the table below, please select a payment option.

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Seattle Changing Room accepts the following forms of payment for teacher training courses:

 -- Check: mail to Seattle Changing Room at the address listed at the top of the registration form.

 -- Zelle: submit to

-- PayPal: return to Foundation Course Fees Info on our website and click the PayPal button.  A 3% fee will be added for Course Fee payments to help us cover PayPal transaction costs.
Cash will be accepted only for Course Fee payments due on the first day of the course.

Your registration will be considered fully complete and your spot will be reserved when your chosen payment amount (from above) is received by Seattle Changing Room.

Please select your method of payment below.  
I understand that by accepting these payment terms, I may be acquiring debt that might be difficult to repay given employment opportunities and average pay rates in my chosen occupation. *
Agreement Notice
This form constitutes and enrollment agreement between Seattle Changing Room and the registrant named above.  This agreement will be binding only when it has been fully completed, signed, and dated by the student and an authorized representative of the school prior to the time instruction begins.

Changes to Agreement Notice
Any changes in the agreement will not be binding on either the student or the school unless such changes are acknowledged in writing by an authorized representative of the school and by the student or the student's parent or guardian is student is a minor
Cancellation and Refund Policy

1.  The school must refund all monies paid to registrants in the event of a course cancellation.
2.  The school must refund all monies paid if the registrant cancels within five business days (excluding Sundays and holidays) after the day the contract is signed or an initial payment is made, as long as the course has not already begun.
3. The school may retain an established registration fee equal to 10% of the total course cost, or $100, whichever is less, if the applicant cancels past the 5th business day after signing the contract or making an initial payment.  A registration fee is any fee (i.e. the Studio Fee) charged by a school to process student registrations and establish a record system.
4.  The school will make every effort to ensure the student is able to complete the training course.  In the event that training is terminated after the course begins, the school may retain the registration fee as described above in (3), plus a percentage of total tuition as described in the table below.
5.  When calculating refunds, the official date of a student's termination is the last day of recorded attendance: (a) when the school receives notice of the student's intention to discontinue the course; or, (b) when the student is terminated for a violation of a published school policy which provides for termination; or (c) when a student, without notice, fails to attend the course.
6.  All refunds must be paid within 30 calendar days of the student's official termination date.    
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Notice to Buyer:
Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces.  This is a legal instrument. All pages of this contract are binding.  Read all sections before signing.  You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement, school catalog, and any other papers you may sign, and are required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of those.

Cancellation of Contract:
If you have not started training, you may cancel this contract by submitting written notice to the school at its physical or email address shown above.  The notice must be postmarked (if by physical mail) or time-stamped (if by email) no later than midnight of the 5th business day (excluding Sundays and holidays) following your signing this contract; the written notice may also be personally delivered within that time.  In event of dispute over timely notice, the burden to prove service rests on the applicant.

Unfair Business Practices:
It is an unfair business practice for the school to sell, discount, or otherwise transfer this contract or promissory note without the signed written consent of the student or the student's financial sponsors if the student is a minor, and a written statement notifying all parties that the cancellation and refund policy continues to apply. 

By typing my name below, I certify that I read and understand the cancellation and refund policy and the complaint procedure.  I have access to a copy of the school catalog and I am entitled to an exact copy of this enrollment agreement, school catalog, and any other papers I sign.

Digital Signature: 
By typing my name below, I understand and agree that this form of electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as a manual signature.  
Signature of Authorized School Representative
(To be completed by Seattle Changing Room only.)

As authorized representative of the school, I hereby agree to the conditions set forth herein. 

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