Part-Time Unpaid On-Campus Venture Capital Externship with Battery Ventures
This program is open to all undergraduate students (except for 2nd semester seniors) from all schools. This program is held remotely via Zoom. Extern candidates are evaluated and interviewed 1:1 on a first-come first-serve basis. Battery takes ~20 externs per group. Students are encouraged to apply as soon as they feel ready.
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Battery looks for candidates who are committed to making this experience their number one priority. Interns who prioritize Battery Ventures above all else get far more out this program - they learn the most, they engage with more CEOs, and they are pulled onto more deals. Doing this requires a thirst/passion for learning the business of venture capital, a desire to work insanely hard, and a commitment to prioritizing Battery Ventures before anything else. *
Founded in 1983, Battery Ventures is one of the most experienced investment firms in silicon valley. Battery has six offices globally (SF, Boston, NYC, London, Tel Aviv) and manages $7B assets under management. Battery is currently investing out of its 13th fund, which is a $2B fund raised in Jan 2020. Battery invests in minority venture capital transactions (seed, series A, series B, series C) as well as majority private equity buyouts. Early-stage venture capital deals (seed and series A) represents ~33% of Battery's investments. Growth-stage venture capital deals (series B & series C) represent ~33% of Battery's investments. And buyout opportunities (where Battery takes a controlling interest in the company) represents ~33% of Battery's investments. Investment professionals at Battery (both interns and full-time) work across stages and have the opportunity to work on all transaction types. Battery is also exclusively focused on investing in companies within the tech industry (Internet, Software and SaaS). For more information, please visit Battery's website at *
I certify that I have watched this 7-min video that details what I can come to expect in this internship from the point of view of other students who have already completed the Battery internship: *
Students in this program are required to participate in two back to back internships with Battery (each four months long for an eight month long total commitment). Students will spend their first four months identifying potential investment opportunities for Battery Ventures. During this time, students will source companies that are reviewed by Battery investment professionals. If approved, a member of Battery's team + the student will engage directly with the investment target's CEO to determine if the company is a potentially interesting investment. Students will then share select top investment targets to their intern peer group and directly to Battery General Partners. We will meet once a week as a team on Thursdays from 6-8 PM ET (this is mandatory that you attend). Students will spend the second four months helping in deal due-diligence. During this time, students will pull together competitive landscape analysis, a total addressable market sizing analysis, product/feature comparisons between key competitors, strategic ideas for the CEO to grow his/her company, and more. Battery will train students on how to evaluate investments, how to calculate SaaS metrics, how to build financial models for SaaS companies, how to pull together a hot deal memo on potential investment targets, how to pull together a deck for an investment committee, how to read/interpret/edit a term sheet, how to review and prepare for board meetings. This is an absolutely critical internship for any students looking to get into venture capital, private equity, the technology industry or entrepreneurship. *
Battery works with top performing students who are interested in the tech industry (Internet, software and SaaS) as well as students are interested in multi-stage investing (early-stage venture capital, growth-stage venture capital, growth equity investing, and late-stage private equity investing). Battery uses this internship to hire into its full-time summer internship program (where it takes ~3 students per summer), its full-time analyst program (hiring direct out of undergrad ~3 analysts per year), and its full-time associate program (hiring ~3 experienced hires or graduate students per year). Top performing students in this internship could potentially be offered an opportunity to work at Battery full-time. Other previous Battery interns have gone on to work at McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Goldman, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan and other top opportunities. *
This application is for students interested in Battery's part-time unpaid internship program. Some schools allow students to receive school credit in exchange for participating in this internship. You will need to check with your school about this. If so, Battery is happy to support your receiving school credit. This program is separate from Battery's full-time internship program and separate from Battery's full-time analyst/associate programs. Battery uses this part-time program to get to know top performing students who may be a good fit for Battery's full-time summer and analyst/associate opportunities. Please indicate below your acknowledgement of this program. *
Please select the time period that you are applying for. Note: Battery has three groups it takes on per year: Winter (Jan-Apr), Summer (May-Aug), Fall (Sep-Dec). Battery's Winter 2022 group is already full and we are only accepting applications for our Summer 2022 and Fall 2022 groups. *
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If you could invest $10M in the next round of a bootstrapped b2b SaaS company with the hopes of returning 10x your money, what company would you invest in and why? Please keep to 50 words or less and include the company URL. *
What is one thesis area you area really excited about right now? And why? Please keep to 50 words or less.
What is the most relevant personal or work experience you've had to-date that you think positions you well to succeed in Battery's internship? (please keep to 50 words or less) *
If you could have any job, with any company in any industry right out of school - what would it be and why? Please be as specific as you can (keep to 100 words or less) *
Why are you interested in Battery Ventures? Be as specific as you can (please keep to 50 words or less) *
I certify that I have watched this 5-min video that details what is expected out of the interns that participate in Battery's internship program: *
In order to use Battery Ventures on your resume, Battery has only two requirements for its interns: (1) for first-time interns in their first four months - that the student sources one company that a Battery General Partner meets with. Students who fail to source one company are NOT able to use Battery Ventures on their LinkedIn/resume. Historically, ~60% of interns in this program meet this requirement and are able to use Battery on their resume (2) for second-time interns in their second four months - that the student completes a project deal diligence deck that is quality enough to be presented to a Battery General Partner. Student who fail to compile a deck that is quality enough for a Partner are NOT able to use Battery Ventures on their LinkedIn/resume. Historically, ~60% of interns in this program meet this requirement and are able to use Battery on their resume. *
Interns cannot put "Battery Ventures" on their LinkedIn or Resume until the internship is completed. This is to avoid situations where students fail to put in the required level of weekly effort during the internship period. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions made to this policy. Historically, committed students in this internship have been able to use the Battery Ventures name on their LinkedIn and Resume. However, every semester there are a few students who ultimately do not perform work satisfactory to the expected standard. We are confident that what students learn and gain through this internship far exceed any inconvenience that this policy creates. *
Investing: On a scale of zero to ten, how eager are you to land an investing role (early stage investing, growth stage investing, growth equity investing or private equity buyout investing) either directly out of school or within ~3 years after graduating from school (zero being I have no interest at all; five being I am still figuring things out; ten being I am 100% set on getting into investing immediately or soon after school)? *
Tech: On a scale of zero to ten, how eager are you to pursue a career in the technology industry (this could include tech banking, tech consulting, tech investing, or working at a tech company)? Zero being I have no interest at all; five being I am still figuring things out; ten being I am 100% set on spending my career within the tech industry. *
Extrovert: On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to engage in a very large group setting? For instance, how likely are you to proactively add your opinion, get your voice heard, critique the thoughts of others, and organize others around ideas/initiatives (zero being I am usually the most reserved person in a very large group; five being I am usually average among a large group in getting my voice heard; ten being I am always the most vocal person in any large group)? *
Competitive: On a scale of zero to ten, how competitive are you? For instance, how likely are you to drive to win anything you're involved with? (zero being I am usually the least competitive person in a group of people; five being I am usually average competitive in a group of people; ten being I am always the most competitive person in any group of people) *
Please list below the number of hours per week that you will be able to commit to this internship each week throughout the entire semester. *
Please indicate below any other extracurricular activities/jobs/etc. competing for your time during this internship - anything that may compete for time spent dedicated on this internship. *
Imagine you were meeting with the CEO of a b2b SaaS company looking to raise $8M for their series A. If you could only ask for five financial metrics in order to determine whether or not to invest in his/her company, what five metrics would you ask for? *
This is a sourcing heavy internship. In one sentence, please describe what you think "sourcing" is? Then, please state (briefly) why you are eager to learn sourcing and why you think you would be good at it? *
Look at Battery's website to see a list of our current/active investments. What is one b2b SaaS investment of ours that you are really bullish on? And Why? Please keep to 50 words or less. *
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