13+ Unit Building Curbside Compost Interest Form
The City of Cambridge is proud to celebrate 1800 tons of food scraps kept out of the landfill and over 7% reduction in trash in its first year. Building on this success, DPW will expand curbside compost pickup to residential buildings with 13 or more units.

To qualify for this service, the building must be on the City's trash collection route.
We will begin to deliver compost materials & providing collection service in September 2019 and continue through April 2020.

Thank you for filling out this form to let us know you are interested in getting started. Next steps include:
1. Let key stakeholders know about the program and how it works. If they have questions or concerns, connect them with DPW staff.
2. A site visit is scheduled to discuss the number of carts needed, cart storage & delivery date (Optional for buildings under 18 units)
3. Property managers/owners help get program information & start dates to residents.
4. Kitchen bins distributed to each unit & curbside cart(s) placed in designated storage location.
5. Maintenance staff informed about the new program & asked to bring the cart(s) out to the curb each week.

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For building residents only: Are you interested in volunteering to coordinate composting for your building?
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