BFAS Los Angeles- Mobile Adoption Event Request Form:
In our venture toward making Los Angeles a no-kill city, we are focusing our mobile adoption efforts on specific populations of adoptable pets: pit bull type dogs, senior dogs and/or cats/kittens. We would love to have these adoptable pets, accompanied by staff and volunteers, featured in high-traffic and well-advertised events and LA hot spots.

Mobile adoption events are often 3-5 hours long, and can be hosted via "pop up" style or on our Mobile Adoption Vehicle (preferred method - the vehicle is 26 ft long). There are pictures located below of our mobile adoption vehicle. Pop up style mobile adoptions are appropriate for inside of businesses/courtyards or tight outdoor spaces and do not exceed 3 hours. Any event over 3 hours will require us to work out of our mobile vehicle.

We are so fortunate to have Best Friends supporters who are willing to host events to support our mission to end the killing and Save Them All. Once your reply is received, our mobile adoption team will be in touch! Thank you.

Additional Information:

There is no cost to have us attend your event, HOWEVER we do accept donations of any amount.

***Requesting parties are REQUIRED to provide suitable parking for our mobile vehicle*** The vehicle is 26ft in length and 11.5ft tall. We travel to ALL events in this vehicle. (Roughly the size of a large food truck)

Events that require us to park in METERED PARKING: The business requesting our presence must obtain a parking permit with their local parking enforcement and reserve TWO metered spaces in a row for the duration of the event.

Our Mobile Adoption Vehicle takes up the space of roughly 3-4 parking spaces. All we ask is to have this area reserved for us upon arrival.

**Unfortunately, we will not longer be providing ABC Permits (Alcohol Beverage Control Permits) for requesting parties.***

MAC at the beach!
Circle V Festival
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