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About me: I am a shining example of radical self-love, navigating the messy yet transformative journey of understanding and prioritizing my needs, values, and desires. I proudly march to the beat of my own drum, choosing radical authenticity and celebrating the wild, untamed aspects of my existence. Life, for me, is a symphony of diverse rhythms and extremes, rejecting societal norms and monotony. I question EVERYTHING! With an expansive aura, I embody a love for all forms of humanity, captivated by the magnetism of accepting and appreciating the rich diversity of life. This wild and untamed energy, combined with deep self-love allows me to live authentically, rejecting judgment and embracing every facet of what it means to be truly human.
If you're ready to be a better you with me as your guide...Let's go. 
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Completing this form does not obligate you to get on a free call or commit to any form of coaching. This gives me a better understanding of you to help me determine if this program could benefit you. Once the form is completed, you'll hear from me via email within 48 hours with an update and/or a link to schedule our call. (Please add to your safe senders list).

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The financial investment in the 1:1 (12 week "Be a Better You" Coaching Package) with Allison K. Dagney is currently $3200.00, or 3 monthly payments of $1200.00

This includes personally tailored coaching and unlimited support between sessions. I am an extremely high touch coach and will be by your side the entire 12 weeks to help you. 
👉🏻 My priority is to help you achieve your goals within our 12 weeks together. I am very confident in my ability to support my clients using my own intuitive guidance, training and expertise paired with proven tools, resources and methods that can change your life for the better.
🎯My focus is to help you develop personal awareness, discover your authenticity and raise your consciousness to be the best version of you possible while empowering you to continue on your journey with tools beyond this coaching program.

A coaching motto I live by: Give someone a fish they will eat for a day, teach someone to fish, they will eat for a lifetime!

Do you currently have the financial resources to invest in your emotional transformation?

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