Arkansas Governor's Mansion Tour Quiz
Quiz to see how well you listened and observed your virtual tour of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion.
There is a round rug on the floor of the Foyer of the Mansion. What design is on this rug?
In the Dining Room there is a beautiful set of silver pieces that once belonged to a U.S. Navy ship. What was the name of the ship?
In what year was the Janet Huckabee Grand Hall added to the Mansion?
The Arkansas Chandelier in the Grand Hall is decorated with 25 stars. Why is this?
The Living Room holds the Mansion's oldest item, dating from 1770. This is:
The word "Merci" means thank you in French. The Mansion received a gift from the people of France from a program called the "Merci Train". What is the gift?
The seats on the chairs in the Dining Room are done in needlepoint stitching by 24 ladies from Pine Bluff. Each seat shows:
On the Grand Hall floor, there is a Great Seal of the State of Arkansas. This is made of:
There are crystal chandeliers located in the Grand Foyer and Dining Room. Both of these are from:
Governor and Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller donated some special items of beauty to the Mansion. They are:
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