Language Proficiency Exam Registration
Please use this form to sign up for the AAPPL exams, offered at York on Wednesday, January 23rd. These exams will provide you with a proficiency score (Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, etc) in the language you have been studying. The AAPPL measures proficiency in Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, and many other languages.

Please submit this form no later than Friday, January 18 to ensure registration.

Students taking the AAPPL will be responsible for a testing fee. This is the testing fee breakdown:
• Speaking part - $10
• Writing part - $5
• Reading and Listening - $5 (package deal only)
• TOTAL = $20

Once you have submitted this form, please bring the $20 fee to the York bookstore. Students who would like to take the AAPPL who require a financial waiver should register using this form and contact Mr. Rubio to have the fee waived.

If there are any questions about the AAPPL, or the testing policies or procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Lorenzo Rubio, World Language department chair, at (630) 617-2461 or

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