Ansökan till korridorsboende på Lunds nation
Application for corridor room residence at Lunds Nation
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Namn/ name *
Är du novisch VT22 och har fått ditt antagningsbesked? /Are you a novisch spring 2022 and have received your acceptance letter? *
Telefonnummer / Phone number *
E-mail *
Personnummer / Social security number (Swedish) *
Hur många terminer har du varit medlem i Lunds nation? / How many semesters have you been a member of Lunds nation? *
... är den som har jobbat minst två (2) gånger under en och samma termin på nationens verksamheter./ a person who has worked a minimum of two (2) times during one semester at the nation's activities.
Hur många terminer har du varit tjänsteman för Lunds nation? (inklusive denna)/ How many semesters have you been a worker for Lunds nation? (including this one) *
Hur många terminer har du varit förman på Lunds nation? (inklusive denna) / How many semesters have you been a foreman at Lunds nation? (including this one) *
Din nuvarande bostadsort / Your current area of residence *
Övrig info / Extra info
När du har fyllt i detta formulär behöver besöka husexpeditionen i början på terminen för att verifiera din köplats, varje termin du vill förbli kvar i kön/ When you have completed this form you have to visit the housing expedition to verify your place in the queue in the beginning of the semester, and do this every semester that you wish to remain in the queue
Mon 17-18 Arkivgatan 1 Lund

Thurs 17-18 Agardhsgatan 1 Lund
The majority of all information including contracts and rules are given only in Swedish. Due to potential friction in payment transactions we require all our tenants to pay the rent from a Swedish banking account. *
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