Registration for International Traditional Swimming Marathon Galata – Varna
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Terms and Conditions
1. In the 2019 maraton, participants must be born before 2007.
2. Each participant must have undergone a pre-competitive medical examination.
3. Each participant signs a model statement for his swimming in the maraton. For swimmers under 18 years, the statement is signed by a parent.
4. Each participant must have an identity document.
5. The participation is individual.
6. The distance can be swum with a freely chosen style, but without any facilities.
7. During swimming, no food, drink, medication or other means are allowed.
8. 90 minutes after the first arrives at the final, the maraton is officially closed, and the participants are required to leave the route by boarding the accompanying craft.
9. You agree that your data will be collected and processed in connection with the marathon Galata - Varna. Your data will not be used for other purposes.
10. Participation fee: 10 lv /5 EUR.
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