2019 WNY Pagan Pride Day Workshop/Speaker Registration

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Please check each box to confirm you have read, understand, and agree to each statement. If you have a concern, please directly contact a volunteer so the situation can be resolved quickly and easily by emailing: wnypaganpride@gmail.com.
The 2019 WNY Pagan Pride Day will open to the public around 12 pm. Workshops/Presentations typically run from 12 pm to 4pm. We will have workshops at staggered times throughout this period, with each workshop running approximately 30-90 minutes in length. It is very important that presenters are ready to begin at the scheduled time. All presenters are expected to sign in at the welcome table at least 30 minutes prior to the time of your presentation. (We will work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs). *
The Scheduling of Workshops/Presentations is at the discretion of the WNY Pagan Pride Planning Committee. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the committee of any scheduling conflicts. *
Adult Content Policy: Workshops and Presentations that include sexual content are banned from Pagan Pride celebrations. *
Policy on Teenage Participation: We try to encourage Pride in Pagans of all ages. However, the rights of minors are limited by parental choice. No minor shall participate in the planning or presentation of workshops or ritual at WNY Pagan Pride Day without prior written consent form the minor’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). *
Waiver of Liability/Indemnification: I, the applicant, and my personal representatives, assigned successors, heirs, and executors, do hereby release, indemnify, waive, hold harmless and forever discharge, WNY Pagan Pride, and the Polish Cadets, as well as its agents, officers, employees, members, and volunteers for any claims, demands, causes of action, suits, judgments (including costs and expenses) and any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from damages of all kinds, theft, costs, property loss, bodily injury, or death that I might sustain as a result of my participation in or otherwise arising out of my activity at WNY Pagan Pride Day. *
Denial of this application for whatever reason does not constitute non-acceptance of your goods and/or services because of quality or prejudice towards you or your product and/or services. Decisions will be based solely on space limitations and/or limits on how many of the same products/services will be available at the event. If you are unable to attend the event please give as much notice as possible so we may schedule a replacement. *
By electronic signature, I agree to adhere to all application terms and agreements. If I fail to follow these terms and agreements as well as city, state, and federal laws and statutes, I understand that I may forfeit my ability to participate in this and future events. *
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