Kindness : Pre-Experiment Survey
Opening Survey - Pre-Experiment:

Thanks for taking part in this kindness experiment.

The experiment is a simple, relatively easy experiment to look at the effect on participants of operating outside of your normal behaviours, in relation to acts of kindness.

You will need to fill out this questionnaire at the beginning and the end of the experiment. Please try not to overthink your answers, reply with the answers that sit well with you right now.

Thank you : )
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** Please use the same email address for both surveys. It is how we trace your specific experiment and data! **
How often do you think about your acts of kindness to others? *
How often do you notice other people's acts of kindness towards you? *
How important is it to you to be thought of as kind? *
Not important at all
It's highly important to me to be thought of as kind
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