2020 MYM Dynasty Program: Audition Application
Please make sure you have filled out the DYNASTY PROGRAM QUESTIONNAIRE. You will not be allowed to audition until it has been submitted. https://forms.gle/1hfnAcfUNGGcYPQw8
Please fill out this application form completely and submit no later than Thursday, July 16, 2020.
Submit headshot and all applicable fees before audition deadlines. (see "important info" below)
Audition Fees:
Current MYM members=$25 cash per audition: ie; if auditioning for Dynasty and Krew- $50
Non-MYM members=$30.00 cash per audition: ie; if auditioning for Dynasty and Krew- $60
*payment due before entering Audition- cash only.
All applications submitted after July 16, 2020 will require an additional $20.00 fee in order to be considered.
If you are a non-MYM Dancer the total fee due after July 16 will be $50.00 per audition. *No exceptions*
Audition Applicants:
Headshot required for audition! Please submit a casual headshot to makeyourmovedance@gmail.com ASAP.
(can be snapped on your phone)
Please put dancer name and "2020 Audition Headshot" in the subject line of email. -->For example, Jaime Moore - 2020 Audition Headshot
*if auditioning for both Krew and Dynasty, you will need to pay for 2 auditions, but you only need to submit one photo.
Dancer Name *
Parent Name (s) *
Parent Email Address *
This is the email address we will use for audition results
Parent Phone Number *
Please provide the best and quickest way to reach you
Dancer's Date of Birth *
Dancer's Age as of audition day: July 18, 2020 *
Dancer's Age on January 1, 2021....*This is the age that will be used for all Competition/Convention Entries and will determine our age categories for our teams during the 2020-2021 Season. *
What Grade will your dancer be in for the 2020-2021 School Year? *
What school is your dancer attending in 2020-2021? *
Please list previous training or special skills that you'd like for us to know about you: *
If a rising 6th grader or older, please tell us what special qualities you have that will make you a great team mate: *
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