Our community of spotters help us highlight innovative business models and inspiring companies founded and led by women, globally. In particular, we are looking for women-led business ventures and ideas that are already up and running in a particular city or country, but haven't expanded to the rest of the world yet. We're much more interested in locally spotted businesses that haven't yet been picked up by 'Big Media' and those that our team simply cannot reach due to language and geographic barriers. That's where we believe you can deliver tremendous added value as a Global Spotter.

Whenever you come across a women-owned company that picked your interest, submit your spot by filling out this short form below. Any submission from you, featured by us will be credit with the following mention "Globally Spotted by (YOUR NAME).". This is our little way of saying "Thank you" for your contribution as a Global Spotter. We believe in giving recognition and credit where credit is due.



The company you spot must be either a woman-owned business founded and led by a female entrepreneur or majority female-founded team. The Company's business model, product and services must meet at least one of the following criteria.

• Be Inspiring
• Be Innovative
• Be Smart (ref. to segment or market opportunity)
• Be a for-profit for purpose-driven


We are interested all types of companies. From startups, SMEs, established, local business. You name it! As long as it's inspiring and innovative we'd love you to spot it.


We're keen to showcase female-owned enterprises in diverse industries and from all over the world. Especially innovative business ideas/models from female entrepreneurs in emerging and developing economies of Latam, Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.


This is not a must but you will definitely receive browny points for spotting companies that meet one or more of the following impact areas.

• Companies in industries where female entrepreneurs are under-represented such as tech, construction, sciences,
• Companies owned and founded by women over 40
• Companies owned and founded by Mumpreneurs
• Companies owned by BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnicity) female entrepreneurs.
• Companies founded by young female entrepreneurs (under 21)
• Social enterprises (primarily for-profit social enterprises or hybrid models, no non-for-profits unless highly innovative
business model or idea)

Thank you, 

The Next Billion team
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Don't worry we are not looking for an essay! We simply want to get a quick overview of what the company does in just one sentence or a few. (e.g. value proposition/business model/vision or mission). The length is up to you.
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