RESULTS 2019 IC Gap Funding Request for Global and U.S. Poverty Advocates
This is a critical year in our work to end poverty around the world. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria is up for replenishment with millions of lives on the line. In the U.S., the housing crisis is putting more and more families at risk and without new resources from Congress, the problem will only get worse. The 2019 RESULTS International Conference (July 13-16 in Washington, DC) will be a key event in making progress on these and other issues. It is vital to have as many advocates as possible take part in the conference and Advocacy Day so we can make the greatest impact on Capitol Hill.

We also recognize that participating in the conference is a financial investment that some of us are not able to fund alone. Therefore, RESULTS offers limited monies to active, U.S.-based RESULTS volunteers to help fill gaps in funding to participate in the conference. Our priority in 2019 is to have all RESULTS chapters represented at the conference, so our resources will be spread around.

We encourage anyone who wants to participate in the RESULTS International Conference to explore other funding options before applying for Gap Funding (see our "TIPS" below) so these precious resources can support many advocates to come to DC.

Please Note: Request ONLY WHAT YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED. Any Gap Funding received will be go directly to pay for registration, transportation, or lodging at the Grand Hyatt Washington (we will not cover costs for off-site lodging). Because funds are limited, we many not be able to help everyone who applies. Assess your situation and apply as soon as possible, as we will review applications on a rolling basis starting at the end of April. Visit for more conference details.

TIPS for Reducing Your IC Expenses:

1. Create a "Go Fund Me" page ( and ask friends, colleagues, mentors, family, RESULTS group members to help fund you. Include the statement: "Your gift supports me directly and is not given to RESULTS. It is not tax deductible. To make a gift to RESULTS directly, go to"
2. Seek funding in your community from organizations interested in growing civic engagement (Rotary, faith communities, mayor's office, city community development offices, community foundations, colleges/universities, etc.). Use RESULTS' "Community Request for Financial Support letter" to help you make your requests:
3. Take Megabus or carpool to the conference--the earlier you book on Megabus, the cheaper it is.
4. Book your flight on a budget airline like Frontier, Spirit, or Allegiant.
5. Share a hotel room with up to 4 people, rent an AirBnB, check Hostels International or other housing options.

Looking forward to seeing you in DC. Be sure to invite others to join us!

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