RESULTS 2018 IC Gap Funding Request: U.S. Advocates Working on Global Issues

PURPOSE: The purpose of this form is to request financial support to come to the 2018 RESULTS International Conference (IC), July 14-17. The form is specifically for U.S. RESULTS Volunteers who currently advocate on global poverty issues.

Our goal is to support globally-focused volunteers who, after looking in their own pockets, economizing, and fundraising, still come up a little bit short on funds to come to the IC. We do not have funding to fully fund travel, registration, and lodging for any single person, so be creative in saving and raising funds, and be as modest as possible in your request and your plans for being in DC so more people will have access to these precious funds.

PROCESS: After reviewing applications we will offer a financial support packages to as many volunteers as possible. Our priority in 2018 is to have all RESULTS Global chapters represented with existing and new people, so the resources will be spread around. Those receiving funding are asked to participate in at least one intensive workshop and commit to taking action back home after the IC. More to come on the workshops, but they are on Saturday 7/14 from 8:30 am to 12:00pm, or Wednesday 7/18 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

This year is an important year to ramp up our advocacy to protect global health and education programs, and ensure that global poverty issues are part of the public discourse during the November elections. Check out the International Conference website for more details ( and invite others to join us in DC.

TIPS: Here are some tips on reducing your IC expenses:

1. Create a "Go Fund Me" page ( and ask friends, colleagues, mentors, family to help fund you. Include the statement: "Your gift supports me directly and is not given to RESULTS or RESULTS Educational Fund. It is not tax deductible. To like to make a gift to RESULTS or RESULTS Educational Fund directly, go to
2. Take Megabus or carpool to the conference. The earlier you book, the cheaper Megabus is.
3. Share a hotel room with up to 4 people, look at airbnb, or other housing options.

If you request assistance, ask only for what you absolutely need to fund an economic trip to the conference so the resources can be stretched to support many of your fellow volunteers.

TIMELINE: The sooner the better. We will review applications on a rolling basis until funds run out.

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