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Reflecting on the past 9 months- ayear, please take a few minutes to complete this survey regarding your membership experience with the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. We truly value your opinion and rely on it to improve our support for your growth in the business community!

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Monday through Friday, during which times are you most able to attend meetings/events? Mark all that apply. *
Select 1-3 of your favorite Chamber events in 2017. *
Regarding events, what can we do better to meet your needs (e.g. topics, time frames, etc.)?
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Please provide the top 3 best methods for you to receive information from the Chamber, with your top preference being “1,” second preference being “2,” and so on.
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Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
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Comments and/or suggestions for improvement on Eblast:
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As a member, are your expectations being met? *
Please rate the following member benefits in terms of their value to your organization. *
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General promotion of Members
Marketing opportunities for members (Website ads, EBlast ads, online directory, sponsorships, etc)
Marketing Office Hours
Members-Only networking opportunities/events
Social Media promotion and interaction with Chamber businesses
Profile on Chamber website
Staying updated with the latest community/industry economic and legislative news/current events
Exclusive pricing and discounts between members
Educational seminars and workshops
Personal introductions/referrals by Chamber staff or Committee member
Ability to post blogs, job openings, events, news releases, member deals
Community involvement opportunities
Free use of Chamber meeting space
What other resources/opportunities would be great to have through your Chamber membership?
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Rate your interest in the following *
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Not interested
Private, Member-Only Facebook Group for real-time questions, collaboration, or brainstorm sessions
A 4-6 page quarterly newsletter ELECTRONIC ONLY
A 4-6 page quarterly newsletter PRINT ONLY
A 4-6 page quarterly newsletter available in print and online
Women's networking group
Industry-specific small-group meetups to share challenges, ideas, opportunities
Please rate the organization's overall value to you as a member *
Please explain why you chose the answer above
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We'd love to hear about any Chamber successes you've had as a member! Did you participate in something new in the community, gain a new client, think differently about how you run your business, etc? If you would like us to share this testimonial please include "OK to share" in your response.
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Final thoughts/suggestions
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