Roxbury Community Asset Mapping
As part of our initiative to achieve Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification, we need to complete a Roxbury Community Asset Mapping. This is a collective inventory of the positive and valued aspects of a community by identifying the places, institutions, programs, and people that contribute to making our communities great places to learn and live.

Community assets can include information on local artists, scientists, and other experts, parks, local historic buildings, and green businesses, but can also include resources like cultural activities and events, arts, cultural and service organizations, social service agencies, and community organizations that are part of the greater community context.

We've come up with 275 businesses, restaurants, educational institutions, medical facilities, transportation hubs, and community organizations so far but we need your help in finishing this list.

Please take a few minutes and jot down a few places and/or groups that you can think of to help round out our list!

Historical Places/Landmarks around Roxbury
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Businesses in Roxbury
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Neighborhoods within the Roxbury
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Community/Social/Fraternal Organizations
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Non-Profit Groups (Social Service / Faith-Based Organizations)
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People as Assets (artists, scientists, business people, etc.)
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Thank you for contributing!
This asset map will serve as an educational tool for members of the school community by providing a consolidated source of information regarding the multitude of physical and cultural resources that contribute to our local community.

Administrators, faculty, students, their families, and community members will be able to use this Asset Map to recognize the institutions, organizations, and programs that contribute to the rich cultural identity of Roxbury Township. In addition, by having such a collective inventory, the community will gain a great understanding of the resources that are supporting the physical environment, cultural landscape, and economy of Roxbury Township.

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