For technical people with web skills: Do non-technical co-founders even have a chance of recruiting you?

You're a technical person with some mad web skills, and people around you know it. Are you tired of being pitched "awesome" ideas by non-technical people trying to recruit you to join the "greatest" startup ever? (It's going to be big!) Set the record straight on what kind of offer it would *really* take for you to join a non-technical person's startup.

We are Jennifer Chin and Elizabeth Yin, co-founders of LaunchBit, a site that helps new web entrepreneurs do customer development to vet their web business ideas. We will be compiling the results from this survey and sharing them on our blog so that people understand what technical co-founders really think about joining non-technical entrepreneurs' startups. Please share this with other technical aspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you so much for your time! Any questions, just email us at hello [at] launchbit [dot] com

    About You

    This survey assumes you are willing to join a new startup if the right situation presented itself. If this is not true, please do not fill out this survey. Thanks!
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    What would it take to recruit you?

    Prior relationship with the non-technical person
    Background / Skills of the non-technical person
    Your personal interest in the idea
    Whether the idea has been validated in your mind
    Type of compensation (equity vs pay)
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    Your advice for that non-technical person with an idea

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