School Lunch: August-September Order Form
Aloha Maui Preparatory Academy Families,

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year.

Kanamu Balinbin and his wife Richelle work with their team to provision our students with fresh, balanced, delicious lunches every day. Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and special groups are all able to order meals using this online form. You must use this form; there is no paper version.

You have the option to receive a record of your responses so you know what you ordered for which day.

We encourage you to use PayPal. There is a 3% convenience fee for credit card payment, or even better you can transfer money directly from your bank account for no fee. However, if you prefer to pay by check, you can submit your check to the front office.

This program is not available to Preschool Students.

This is a third party business not administrated by Maui Prep. All questions, comments, and concerns should be directed by e-mail to Richelle at

Students must eat what they order and not change their minds on the spot. Different items have different prices, and the kitchen has limited quantities of each item.

As a reminder, if students are sick or absent and thus unable to eat their lunches, they may roll the funds over in their account for future lunches. Kanamu and Richelle need you to e-mail as soon as you are aware of an absence, so that they may plan accordingly. If the absence is extended, then please communicate this as well.

Payment will continue to run through PayPal. This is the recommended method. However, if you prefer to pay by check, you can submit your check to the front office.

To arrive at your total, please add up the costs of all of your items and write it down. This is a good exercise for students to practice addition with the calculator on their phones. We don't currently have a plug-in to automate this addition, so you'll need to add up the costs manually.

If you are ordering for multiple students, you need to fill out a form for each student. However, you can pay all at once on PayPal by adding up the sum total of each of your students and paying that total fee. For example, if you had five children, you would fill out this form five times, but you would only need to send your total payment through to PayPal one time.

We look forward to continuing to serve you delicious lunches


Richelle and Kanamu Balinbin

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Total Bill: Using a calculator, please add up all of your choices to arrive at your sum total. You can have your student do this as a useful exercise in addition. Please be careful with your addition, as mistakes create added labor and lost revenue for Nalu Grindz. Then, write the total amount owed below. Also, write this number on a piece of paper as you will need to input it again on the PayPal Confirmation Page. Even if you are paying by check in the front office, please write down the total amount owed below, so Nalu Grindz can keep convenient records. *
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