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What is this, you ask? You have an amazing project to make education awesome in the world or in your backyard but it needs support? You'd love people to tweet about it but they don't? Maybe they don't know what to tweet. Maybe it's just too hard. Maybe the right people don't know about it! Enter: The UberEdu Projects List! You can share your project with the world, describe it, link people to a website of your choice and give them something to tweet just the way you like it!

Now, the best bit... everyone who adds their own project will tweet at least 3 other projects of their choice! Plus, awesome people will visit the list just to see what awesome projects are happening in education. WIN! WIN!

The UberEdu Projects List belongs to the world. If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or cheese please contact @sarahdateechur @mrkempnz or @robmctaggart - This form can be found at and the list at

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