Bunny Wonderland Adoption Inquiry
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At Bunny Wonderland, finding a forever home for our rescued rabbits is an important mission. We work closely with each adopter to ensure they are ready for the commitment.

Our adoption process is as follow:

1. Read about our adoptable rabbits (goo.gl/XV5X1c)
2. Review our Rabbit Care Guide (goo.gl/smzL3U)
3. Complete this online inquiry form and compatible applicants will be contacted for a phone interview.
4. Successful applicants will be invited to meet the rabbits at their foster homes.
5. If you find a compatible rabbit, complete an adoption agreement and confirmation will be provided within 24 hours.
6. Successful adopters will be provided a list of supplies to prepare and a rehoming date will be arranged.

*Please note that the requested information will be used only for the adoption process and will be guarded in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).*

We require our adopters to meet our adoption requirements below. Please CHECK them to acknowledge your agreement. *
Full Name (please provide Given & Surname) *
Age (must be at least 21) *
Occupation *
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Is your current home rented or owned? *
No. of members in your household (including yourself) *
No. of children below 8 in your household. Please indicate age in brackets eg: 1 (7 years old). If none, indicate 0. *
Do you have rabbit(s) in your household now? *
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