Birth Decision Survey

Thank you for your time! This is a survey conducted by Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Mount Saint Mary College and examines decision making as related to childbirth. For additional information on this study, please contact

By agreeing to partake in this research project:

-I understand that my identity is not revealed in my answers, unless I willingly provide my own contact information, and that all future published data will have no identification of participants.

-I do not need to leave my email.

-By leaving my email, my answers may be linked to my identity. I understand that because sensitive information is asked in this survey that, if I leave my email, my email would be removed before any data analysis is conducted.

-Only Dr. Kalkstein will have a link between my data and my email. The email will only be used to contact me for clarification or follow-up questions. If I choose to leave my email and then decide I want to retract the data, I may contact the Dr. Kalkstein to have that done.

-I understand that I do not have to complete questions I am not comfortable answering.

-I understand that online communication is at greater risk for hacking, intrusions, and other violations of privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity.

It will take approximately 25 minutes to complete the survey.

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