Philosophy, Lifestyle, Ethics_January 2021
This module requires some reading, and a reflective response. Please read the question carefully before you respond. To ensure that we can distribute our handout in a timely manner, please be sure to complete this module by Monday, January 4, 2021.

For questions about the assignment: email Paula at

Ying - please be prepared to share your current event.
No book reports in January due to Practicum 2.
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Read Chapter 11 in The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele.
Describe a belief you have always “known” to be true, (about yourself or about life in general), that has now changed, or you have begun to question, as a result of learning about or practicing Svadhyaya (Self-Study). *
Review Question from December Session: What is the reason for practicing Pratyahara and Dharana? *
Review Question from December Session: Give an example of you, as a yoga teacher, would help your students practice Pratyahara and Dharana before a meditation in class. *
Review Question from December Session: What is the purpose of practicing Tapas? *
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