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This is to make sure the form isn't spammed by trolls, and to contact you personally regarding updates to this trip.
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What is your current status of joining this trip? *
Remember, this is first come, first serve. Seats are still open, but they are filling fast!
If you are NOT joining this trip, but instead wish to DONATE, how much are you willing to donate?
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Age? *
Just to get a general dynamic of everyone's age range as an entire group.
Gender? *
To ensure we have a well-balanced group of people of all genders.
Do you have a valid passport? Or will have one before August 5, 2015? *
You will DEFINITELY need a passport! Passports usually take 2-6 weeks to recieve. If you do not have a passport, do NOT wait until the last few weeks to get one.
Do you have any previous traveling experience as a houseless traveler or living on the road?
We are going to be living in a bus, and also camping in various climates across the entire Western Hemisphere. Are you prepared for this?
Which month are you prepared to join this trip?
This trip will start in late September. Most of early September will be preparing the bus and getting things ready as a communal group. However,others are welcome to join along the way!
We will need a wide variety of people with various skills. Do any of these skills apply to you? *
If you do not apply for any of these skills, do NOT worry. These are simply skills that we will need along the journey, and these skills are NOT mandatory. We just hope you are willing to learn!
If you checked any of the above skills, could you briefly elaborate on your skill set and experience?
Ex: What instrument do you play? Are you experienced with cooking for large groups? What's your mechanical or construction expertise? What is your artistic talent? Etc.
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Do you have any physical or mental disabilities that might interfere with getting along in groups or being able to volunteer in projects that include physical labor? *
We need to know about any physical or mental disabilities for choosing various roles in different projects to fit everyone's needs and capabilities. Having disabilities will NOT impact your chances of joining this trip, as we remain welcome to ALL volunteers!
Do You Have Any Special Dietary Restrictions? *
We plan to do communal cooking to help save money, and we are OPEN to providing for those with special dietary restrictions.
Any particular Towns/Attractions/Landmarks you would like to visit?
Got some place cool you want to check out? Feel free to give us awesome ideas of places to visit!
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How much money would you be willing to contribute/donate communally for this trip? *
Buying the Bus, Fuel, Toll Roads, Repairs, and Food isn't free! ($1,000 is a recommended minimum)
What is your country of origin?
This is simply to ensure that you are able to meet any visa or passport requirements in various countries. No one will be judged by their country of origin or nationality, and we would love to make this project diverse as possible!
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A vaccination for Yellow Fever will be required for traveling through South America. Are you willing to get vaccinated at least 10 days prior to travel? *
The cost of this vaccination varies from $150 - $250. You MUST provide proof of this vaccinations in certain countries on our route.
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