YMCA Camp Challenge Volunteer Registration for June 2019
Y Camp Challenge under YMCA of Singapore Tan Chin Tuan Community Service Programmes is a quarterly camp designed for the intellectually and physically challenged. It brings together more than 100 youth and adult beneficiaries from various Voluntary Welfare Organisations and special schools.

This fun-filled camp is driven by volunteers and supported by staff to provide fun and social integration opportunities whilst challenging the preconceived limits of beneficiaries and volunteers alike. It aims to raise the self-esteem and confidence of participating beneficiaries while providing varied platforms for the personal and social development of an equal number of volunteers.
1. Application is only open to youths and adults 17 years old and above (by year). Participants below the age of 21 years old must have the indemnity form signed by a parent or guardian as well. All applications are subject to review and approval by the YMCA of Singapore.

2. Participants must not be suffering from any acute sickness or disease. Participants must not have any illness or injury that will be severely exacerbated by the participation of this camp, e.g. heart attack, stroke, serious asthma, possible paralysis, panic attacks or fainting spells.

3. Participants must be able to stay throughout the full duration of the camp and are expected to stay close to their beneficiaries at all times. Participants must be willing to participate in all activities with their beneficiaries for the full course of the camp, act as caregivers and see to the welfare of their beneficiaries.

4. There is a camp fee of SGD 30.00 per participant, which is used to cover the basic costs to run the camp. Payment is to be made at Community Services Hub, Level 4 (Opening Hours: Tues to Sat - 0900 to 1800). A receipt will be issued to you for the payment received.
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VWO Visitation
Consists of a general introduction of the VWO and its serving beneficiaries through a brief interaction session with them. The organising committee will confirm your selected visitation in time to come.
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We encourage you to join us for at least one visitation session
Please ensure that the contact can be reached locally and is 21 years old and above.
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