.:Club Titanium:. Freelance Dancer
Club Titanium is now hosting DJs, Hosts & Dancers!
We are a drama free club. We are more than just another club we are a family!

We are looking for fun, friendly and respectful DJ, HOST'S & DANCERS to join our club


Dancer Rules:
- A good understanding of the English language, as we are primarily an English speaking club.
- All our dancer work on a freelance basis and can be present at the club at any time.
- Dancers must agree to the following terms before we will add you to the group
- If there is a set going on at the club you will be expected to interact with the clients in the club.
- Please note this is not a strip club, you are here to provided entertainment, therefore should remain clothed at all times. No nudity is allowed in the club.
- No soliciting, we are not a escort agency. However if you do provide escort services please make this clear in your profile picks. If a client approaches you for services please make it clear you are not escorting for the club but can provide private services. (We do have very reasonably priced sky boxes you are able to rent) but again please ensure you let the client know you are freelancing not working for the club.
- No going AFK for long periods of time if you are here you are present (yes we understand that you may need comfort breaks etc!)

What we offer:
- We offer you 100% of your tips.
- Training is provided if you wish
- A safe, non discriminatory, fun place to work.

Terms and conditions for dancers.. Please fill in the below once received you will receive a group invite for the club dance group.
Your full avatar legacy name (not your displayname) *
Your answer
Your Dancer name should you have one?
Your answer
Do you agree to always stay clothed while in the club and on the surrounding land? *
Do you understand we are not an escort club and that any extra services you provide to the client are on a freelance basis and should not be advertised in the club? *
Do you agree to interact with our clients at the club while there are sets taking place? *
Do you understand failure to follow the above rules will result in you being removed from the group and possibly banned from the land depending on seriousness of issues? *
Are you interested in undertaking any form of dancer training? (interaction, emotes, RP etc?) *
What happens next?
You will be contacted by one of our team in world. Once all terms have been agreed you will be invited to the staff group. This will allow you to be able to access the tip jars in world.
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