Colorado State University Black/African American Cultural Center Black Student Empowerment Summit March 4, 2017
The purpose of this summit is to affirm student’s blackness while valuing the intersections of their other identities. It is our goal to provide students the opportunity to name their experiences and gain tools to describe and understand how their identities impact their everyday lives at individual, societal and systemic levels.

Learning Objectives include:
• Identity Development: introduce students to concepts and structures that will strengthen their ethnic and/or racial identity in concurrent with other social identities including sexual orientation, gender, ability, religion, etc.
• Awareness of Others: increase students’ awareness, knowledge, and understanding related to race, ethnicity, and other differences of groups other than their own.
• Social Justice/Social Activism: introduce and/or advance students’ understanding of the importance of becoming social agents of change.
• Personal Development: students learn the importance how their being effects their mind, body, and soul.

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