The social project is looking for respondents for an international survey, which is a social project. The project aims to fight against xenophobia in society, draw attention to global problems of modern age and consolidate people to solve them.


Are we ready to concentrate on solving common problems in spite of our differences? Help to sound out public opinion on important issues of modern age.

• Make your contribution into development of society without xenophobia;
• Inspire others, show an example of unindifference;

• Share your vision of the contemporary world;
• Get to know who your global fellow-thinkers are;

• Send the link to your friends and see how they’ll answer the questions;
• Add your question and see how people from other countries will answer it.


People from all over the world take their photo with the poster “I still believe in humans” and complete the survey (only 12 questions). Having received your answers and a photo, we publish them on our website http://anthropcl.ru/

Form, style and length of the answer is completely to your discretion.

Who are you? (your name and country)
What inspires you? What do you believe in?
What do you think you are part of?
Please, describe what you think is currently going on in the world. What is the contemporary world like?
What historically important events would you like to witness or take part in (in the current century)? What kind of progress/change are you looking forward to?
What topics should be publically discussed more? What topics are being ignored? What important topics are people still inexcusably poorly aware of?
What does "belief in humans" mean for you? What can make you lose this belief? What can make you regain it?
What organisations change the world for better, in your view? What kinds of co-operation of people are currently necessary?
What do you think should be common (universal) for all people on Earth? Why? For example, a common language (besides a native one), legal system, currency, government, etc.
Who do you think are outstanding people of the present day? Name several contemporaries who have had the biggest impact on you.
If you had an opportunity to address the whole humankind in just one sentence, what would you say?
We kindly ask you to take your photo with the image below (or handwrite "I still believe in humans" on a sheet of paper and take your photo with it), and send it to us with your answers (we cannot publish an interview without a photo). Here are examples of the interviews published on our website http://anthropcl.ru/category/vsyo-eshhyo-veryu-v-lyudey/
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What question would you add to the survey?
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