Minchenden Netball Club 2017/18 Form
MNC trials will be taking place on Saturday 22nd July at Broomfield Park, Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4RB. 10am-12 noon.
You will be notified regarding the outcome of trials as soon as possible via email. Whilst attendance at trials does not guarantee selection for a team, we are a very inclusive club and welcome all to attend training even if they are not selected for a specific team.
All Information on this form is stricly confidential and will only be used by Minchenden Netball Club.
If you are new to the club we would appreciate you sending a photo of yourself to Clare Darling (minchendentreasurer@hotmail.co.uk). This will assist selectors with identification during the trial process.
Please complete this form in order to register your interest in playing for Minchenden in 2017/18 - both new and existing members
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This will only be used to inform you of last minute changes to trial details (such as cancellation due to adverse weather).
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Playing Positions *
Please list your playing positions below in order of preference. At trials, every effort will be made to see you in your preferred position however in some situations this may not be possible. Please do not be concerned about this, this will often reflect the fact that we are happy that we have seen you sufficiently throughout the season in this position and just want to assess other options.
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We play in two main leagues. On one Saturday we play in the North London Netball League (where we have 4 teams) and Division 1 of the London and SouthEast Regional League (1 team), and on the other Saturday in the Middlesex County League (1 team - A-B team standard). Senior training is every Wednesday 8-10pm from September to April at St Thomas More School, Glendale Avenue Wood Green, London, N22 5HN.
How often do you wish to play and in which leagues?
The North London and Middlesex County Leagues are on alternate Saturdays (so if you commit to both you wish to play every Saturday and if you commit to just one, this will be every other Saturday). If you only wish to play every other Saturday please just tick the North London League as opposed to just the Middlesex League.
If you are an existing member of Minchenden Netball Club, which team were you in AT THE END of last season? *
eg Regional, C team etc
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Are there any specific requests that you will like the selection committee to bear in mind? *
We are aware that some people arrange shared child care, or shared transport with other club members and therefore find it easier to organise this if placed in the same squad, this cannot be guaranteed but the committee will consider these requests when selecting squads. Also, in the event that two people wish to be on the same team but are not selected for the same squad, this may result in both players being placed in the lower squad.
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Are there any dates when you will be unavailable to play? *
Whilst being unavailable for the occasional Saturday is anticipated please do let us know if you plan to be away or unavailable for any extended periods of time, or if you will only be able to make alternative matches etc. Or for players at A or B team standard if you are also trialling for National Prem Teams and are awaiting their decision.
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Which team would you like to play in next season? *
This is to help us assess what level you with to play at. If you wish to be considered for our higher teams a certain level of dedication is expected including at training and being available for the majority of matches
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Minchenden Netball Club relies on the participation of all club members in order to be able to continue to be successful. It is expected that all club members help out by volunteering in some capacity. Examples range from joining the more formal club committee to helping out with the juniors or new club members. Everyone has to help out in some way, however small this is. So please indicate your preferences below. You make tick more than one box. How can you help?
How can you help? *
Additional Information
Do you have any coaching, umpiring or first aid qualifications? *
If yes please give further details such as approximate date obtained and qualification achieved.
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Would you be interested in obtaining coaching or umpiring qualifications with the support of Minchenden Netball Club?
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How did you hear about our trials? *
This will help us improve how we promote our trials in the future
If you are a new (or returning) to Minchenden Netball Club, what is your playing history? *
eg University Teams, previous junior teams, previous clubs, new to netball, returning to netball after long absence etc
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Comments or anything else you would like us to know about.
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