FLRC 2021 Board Election and Runner Survey
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Entering your name is optional, but only those who enter their names and are current FLRC members may vote in the board election question. We also need your name if you want to be eligible to win one of three free entries to all of FLRC's 2022 races except Finger Lakes 50s.
If you wish to be entered in the drawing to receive one of three free entries to all of FLRC's 2022 races other than Finger Lakes 50s, enter your email address here.
Are you a current FLRC member? *
If you aren't an FLRC member, what's the primary reason why not?
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Board of Directors election
If you are a current FLRC member, do you approve the slate of directors as approved by the current board? President Adam Engst, Treasurer Charlie Fay, Secretary Bill Watson, VP of Trails Pete Kresock, VP of Roads Mickie Sanders-Jauquet, VP of Track Adam Engst, and Members-at-Large Mike Allinger, Heather Cobb, Tonya Engst, Ian Golden, Nancy Kleinrock, Tim Logue, Rebecca Lovenheim, Steve Shaum, and Charlie Trautmann.
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Write-in candidates
If you wish to write in a candidate for the FLRC board, please do so here, making sure that they'll accept the position if they receive sufficient votes.
How old are you?
How many years have you been running?
How many years have you lived in the area?
What are the main reasons you run?
Do you have kids who run or who you would like to encourage to run?
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Please select the FLRC efforts that make you feel like you're part of the local running community.
What types of running events do you enjoy?
What sort of running events would you be interested in trying for the first time, particularly with help for beginners?
If you haven't participated in an FLRC group run, workout group, or team, why not?
What race distances do you like to run?
Have you been injured in the past year?
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Have you volunteered at an FLRC event this year?
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What would make you more likely to volunteer in the future?
Are you interested in free talks or workshops on any of these topics?
Events might be virtual or in-person, depending on the topic and what seems comfortable at the time.
What days/times are best for you to attend talks or workshops?
How do you usually find out about FLRC events?
What other ways do you find out about other local events that we could be using?
What are your favorite post-race foods?
What are your favorite post-race bagel flavors?
Should race swag like T-shirts and medals be included in the registration fee for everyone or made available as an optional add-on for an extra fee?
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Do you have suggestions for other types of race swag?
What could FLRC do to encourage you to attend more club races and events?
What do other races do that would make FLRC races more fun?
Please share anything else regarding FLRC that you would like the board of directors to know about.
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