Application - U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative
The Maritime Alliance (TMA) has partnered with the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration to organize and partially fund the U.S. Maritime Technology Export Initiative (2017-2019) to increase exports from small and medium sized maritime technology companies (typically $2MM revenue and 20 people or below with limited trade show experience) from throughout the United States.

Successfully completed activities in 2017 included a U.S. BlueTech pavilion at Oceanology International North America (San Diego, CA - Feb 2017) and Ocean Business (Southampton, UK - Apr 2017), and a follow-on trade mission to Europe (Copenhagen, Hamburg and Rotterdam - Apr 2017).

Planned activities in 2018 include exhibiting as part of the U.S. BlueTech Pavilion at Oceanology International (London, UK - Mar 13-15, 2017) with a discounted participant fee of $4,500 USD and the optional U.S. BlueTech Trade Mission the week following Oceanology International with visits to Paris, Rome, Marseille (or a nearby city), the Canary Islands and Lisbon, for a discounted fee of $2,500 per person. Exact details are still to be determined. Visit for additional information. Please indicate your interest in either of two planned activities, or both in the form below.

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Federal policies require companies to provide reports for at least 4 quarters following the program activity. Confidential reports should be submitted to The Maritime Alliance to share your export results based on your participation in program activities including number of contacts made, number of leads generated, number and dollar value of sales, contracts formed, and any other examples of your success in developing exports or partnerships abroad.

Selected participants will be required to sign an agreement prior to participation. The agreement will also stipulate a fee schedule for when participant fees are due with the understanding that The Maritime Alliance is unable to provide refunds on cancellations.

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