City of Medford - Climate Change Vulnerability Survey
If you are a Medford, MA resident, please fill out this brief survey to assist the City in our efforts to identify how climate change may impact us, as well as action steps to address these vulnerabilities.
Is climate change already affecting Medford and/or you personally?
Please explain your response to the previous question here.
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What actions, if any, are you already taking regarding climate change?
What specific climate change effects, impacts, or factors would you like to see the City take into account in its planning?
If you'd like to be part of Medford's next steps to identify vulnerable resources and create solutions, please include your email address below.
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Are you part of a community organization (church, neighborhood group, volunteer organization, etc) that might like to host a presentation and discussion about these issues? If so, please list the name of the group and a contact person, number, and/or email for that group here.
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This is optional, but helpful if we need to follow up with you.
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