The Bott Shoppe - Vendor Consideration Form
The Bott Shoppe, Part store, part design studio, part party! This eclectic space curates products, services and events to foster community and fun for a more creative lifestyle!

Due to space limitations, vendors will be selected by the BOTT SHOPPE staff on the basis of quality and uniqueness of their wares, as well as to bring together a broad variety of products. Please note that we are only accepting vendors from the following categories for this particular event, in this order of need:

Fine Art • Prints• Posters • Stationery • Books • Craft Kits • Cards • Clothing • Jewelry • Accessories (Men, Women and Kids) • Bath & Body • Bar & Housewares • Kitsch Gifts • Food (Pre-made/Packaged)

Once approved, we would need an INVENTORY SHEET of the items that you want to consign with our store.
Please have that ready to go so we can expedite the process of getting your goods into our store to sell.
Thanks and have a MARVELOUS day!

Brand Name
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Commission for Launch Only - Terms after launch may be different. Other terms may apply.
VENDOR / SHOPPE (Percentage of sales)
Fine Art Originals: 70/30 - 60/40 commission (set per piece or collection)
Vendor-Supplied Reproductions: (No cost to us for production) 60/40 (potential for 70/30 after trial run)
The Shoppe-Produced Reproductions (after expenses): 40/60
Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery or return of Goods/Artworks from the Vendor/Artist to THE SHOPPE are the responsibility of the Vendor/Artist.
Overall theme is creativity and it's more of a store than a gallery so we will have all kinds of fun stuff for a more creative lifestyle.

We will have artists as well as fun brands like Popping Stationary and Boundless Brooklyn (the little water towers) and art books as well. We also plan to do events (like drink and draws which Laura used to do in her art & music bar that she owned in Florida).

Aesthetic is artsy but more punk than crafty. Although we will have small sampling of more feminine and woodsy items those will be more limited. Cool but approachable and not too "artsy".

Will have an area that we are calling a "snack bar" for artisinal goods and other fun items that we love. So doesn't just have to be art-related only, creativity is found in many things. It's for the creative lifestyle!

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