Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)
Hello, we are a group of students from Tampines Meridian Junior College conducting a survey on gestational diabetes to better understand the experiences of those who have been or are currently affected by it. The survey comprises of 5 pages and would roughly take 5-10 minutes. We thank you for your contribution, time and effort!

This survey is meant for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing GDM.

There will be profile questions, diet, fitness and monitoring related questions as well.
1. How old are you? *
2. Is this your first time pregnant with GDM? / Were you diagnosed with GDM during your first pregnancy? *
3. How many weeks pregnant were you when you got diagnosed GDM? *
4. If you are currently pregnant, how many weeks are you in? (if not, please state NIL) *
5. What is your annual household income? *
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