YFC Charter Application
If you are interested in having a YFC Campus Coach help your Leadership Team then fill out this brief application & we'll get back to you!
About YFC
I understand that YFC will coach the leadership of our club and help us reach our campus! *
I understand that YFC won't take over my club or run club for me. *
but that they will coach, mentor and help us reach our campus!
I understand that YFC provides training and resources for student leaders. *
I understand that YFC's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to hear about, and know, Jesus! *
Your Vision, Involvement and Time
We commit to meeting with our coach(es) weekly! *
Here are some times and days we can meet! *
(give 3 options) When can you meet with your coach? Before, during or after school? On campus or off? What day works best?
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We commit to doing an outreach this year! *
With our coach, we will make a plan and share the gospel on campus.
We commit to responding to emails and phone calls. *
Why are you excited to have a YFC Coach? *
We are excited to partner with you too :)
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Tell Us About Your School and Club
School Name: *
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Club Name: *
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List any other student leaders:
Name, Number, and Email (if you've got it!)
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When Does Your Club Meet? *
(Day of Week, Location, Time)
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When Does Your Leadership Team Meet? *
How often, When, and Where?
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What is your vision for club? *
3 sentences saying why club exists.
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If you had 3 goals this year, what would they be? *
3 goals :)
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Tell Us About You!
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Your Church
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