Viitasphere Contribution Form
Thank you for your interest in Viitasphere! We appreciate your support.

As a thank you for your participation in this Private Contribution Period we will gift you 2,000 VIITA for every $20.00 as a reward in exchange for your contribution.

In addition to this, you will also be sent our very special and rare VIICT (VIITA Certificate Token). You will receive one VIICT for every 2,000 VIITA you are sent.

*The minimum contribution amount to receive these rewards is $20.00 (or the equivalent amount in BTC, ETH, etc).

Simply provide the needed information below and send your contribution to the corresponding address immediately after submitting this form. Copy and paste the address of the currency your sending:

Bitcoin (BTC): 1BjqTG6CJ4LcEam8VrvzrYTnXMEmKQ24aq

Ethereum (ETH): 0xDCC9a7E8fC63A9A29e5D75933AAFD7fF4C435E6D

EOS: viitasphere1

Telos (TLOS): viitasphere1

You can expect your VIITA and VIICT rewards, along with a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Contribute & Get Your VIITA Reward
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