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"Child-Disability-Parent-Education" LTT No.1 - From 20th - 26th April 2019 (Turkey)
"The Change Starts With Us" LTT No.3 - From 2nd - 8th June 2019 (Romania)

Previous Activities
"The Change Starts With Us" Activity No.2 - From 5th - 9th November 2018 (Greece)
"The Change Starts With Us" Activity No.1 - From 5th - 10th March 2018 (Turkey) #CLOSED
"Social Entrepreneurship As A Tool For Innovation!" - 1st to 9th November 2017 (UK) #CLOSED
"No More Whispers" Spreading EU Goodness - 19th to 26th September 2017 (Cyprus) #CLOSED

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