Circles of Life marketing survey
Hello, my name is Charmaine Grace and I am preparing to launch my new business, WORDS | CIRCLES | LIFE, with the product 'Circles of Life rings'.

Circles of Life rings are stainless steel bands stamped with words of inspiration that act as guides for clarity and support. There are six sizes and the option to have any word/s stamped into your ring (up to 14 characters including spaces). The rings can be purchased online and include free postage worldwide.

This survey of 20 questions is part of my marketing plan and takes about 10 minutes to complete. I would greatly appreciate your response.

Thank you!


This 27 second video shows the Circles of Life rings
1. Which of the following ring features appeal most to you? (Choose up to 3)
2. Which of the following benefits of the rings appeal most to you? (Choose up to 3)
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3. Currently the rings are packed in a small plastic bag that displays the ring, business card and tattoo in protective packaging. I am considering having a more natural, non-plastic alternative such as an origami paper or a small cardboard box. Which of the following do you agree with? (Tick any that apply)
4. The ring packages are currently sent in cheap plain white envelopes. If you were to receive a ring package, which sort of envelope would you like to receive it in?
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5. The rings are currently priced at A$33.00, including free international postage. How would you rate the value for money of the product?
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