Symposium: Neural oscillations and multisensory processing

Please join us on this virtual symposium "On the role of neural oscillations in multisensory processing". This symposium was originally submitted for the "Psychologie and Gehirn" Conference in Freiburg (, which was unfortunately cancelled (as so many other conferences).

When: Friday 12th of June @ 10AM-12PM (CET)
Where: BigBlueButton (link sent after registration below)

Please sign up below to receive a virtual invitation to connect on the day of the event.


Anna-Katharina Bauer: Cross-modal influences of auditory rhythms on visual perceptual processing

Julian Keil: Different processing stages in cross-modal influences and multisensory integration

Georgios Michail: Memory load alters perception-related neural oscillations during multisensory integration

Joachim Lange: The role of neural oscillations in visuo-tactile integration

James Moran: Multisensory processing in schizophrenia

Nina Süß: Processing of lip movements is multisensory: Implications for perception of complex naturalistic stimuli in healthy and deaf individuals

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