2020 Umoja Festival Food Vendor Application
Thanks for your interest in vending with the 2020 Umoja Festival! Join us as we celebrate the best parts of African American and African Diasporan cuisine.

All applications due June 15th, 2020.

Spaces will not be reserved until full payment is received and processed.

Vendors must provide Certificate of Insurance naming the Umoja Family Festival and Heritage Parade, the Umoja PEACE Center and the City of Seattle as an additionally insured parties.

Vendors will need to supply their own electricity, as well as a "K" and/or "ABC" fire extinguisher.

The Seattle Parks Department requires a $15 Minimum Sale Fee. The vendor package fees include this amount.

Vendors MUST calculate and report their 10% Seattle Parks tax and MUST pay additional fees at the close of business each day.

Festival Staff will email applicable payment instructions and an FAQ upon receiving your submission.

Send questions/concerns to: team@umojafestnw.com.

Vendors must provide copies of business licenses to team@umojafestnw.com.

All menus are subject to approval.

Umoja Fest maintains exclusive rights to sell cotton candy, popcorn, and slushies/icees.
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Per the City of Seattle, businesses located within Seattle must obtain a Seattle Business License.

Businesses lacking a City of Seattle Business License are required to participate in Umoja Festival's Trade Show License and are required to pay $10 per day ($30 total) to participate. Vendors who do not participate will not be allowed access to a booth and no refunds will be issued.
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The City of Seattle requires food vendors maintain current, valid permits. Unpermitted staff not allowed.
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