Corona (Covid-19) Self-Checker by Skorydov
We decided to create a Self-Checker for the Covid-19, to help make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care. In case of any doubt, it is suggested that you contact your nearest doctor or call your medical helpline number. This form is primarily made for Indians, but even others can use it.

On request, we are making this Self-Checker form available to everyone. Errors may have crept in inadvertently, for which we do not hold ourselves responsible. Please do not solely rely on this Self-Checker. In case you do not agree to this, you are requested to neither use nor circulate, this form.

This form was made possible with Skorydov Team with publicly available data from various health organisations worldwide. Skorydov is a tech company based in India with offices in different parts of the country. We, at Skorydov, had started to get worried every time someone in the team coughed or sneezed. Thus, this form.

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